See Europe? Great! Now slide your eyes down to the south and the west until you find Portugal, at the very edge. Ericeira is right on the coast, about 35km of Lisbon. It has 8km of beaches offering the continent’s best surf conditions for all levels.

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Everything, really. From the narrow cobbled streets overlooking the Atlantic to the 8km of protected coast on the south-west edge of Europe. This ancient village was made the first World Surf Reserve in Europe in 2011, second in the world. Here you have the most incredible blend of tradition and excitement; the most delicious food and stunning ocean sunsets every day. 

Portugal is under the Euro, and that is the only currency we accept at Magikvanilla. (We take hugs too, if you’re a regular :) Here’s a currency converter, if you need.

First things first: A big smile, swimwear, flip-flops, sunglasses and something warm for the evenings. Sunscreen, always sunscreen - even if you think you won't get sunburnt. If you don't have too much luggage space, you can rent bath and beach towels at the camp, and ask for the laundry service. You won't need to pack your wetsuit or sleeping bag – and we have plenty of warm blankets for you to get cosy in an outdoor movie night. You’ll also get a padlock for your private locker at check-in, so you won't have to worry about a thing.

Oh! We’re excited already. We’ve prepared all instructions, maps and coordinates for you. See you soon!

Sure! We have transfers from and to Lisbon Airport on check-in days – at any time. These are included in our Premium Packs, but if you have a different one, don't worry. You can still request a transfer up to 48h before you travel.
Just send us one email with all your flight details (in and out dates, flight numbers, departure and arrival times). We'll get back to you with a confirmation, and we're good to go! (Please avoid sending your details in different emails or attachments.)

Yes. You can arrive by taxi for 70€ on average, or by bus for less than 10€ per person. In this case, you’ll need to get on the tube to Campo Grande station and get the bus to Ericeira from there. That will take around 90 minutes, and cost less than 10€.
Check all instructions, maps and coordinates here.

Unless you are visiting other places before or after your stay, it is not necessary. You can use our airport and beach transfers, and everything in town is within walking distance. We also offer tours to Lisboa, Óbidos, Sintra and other cool places if you want to explore a little further. If you still can’t satisfy the Indiana Jones in you, you can either rent a car at the Lisbon Airport or right here in the town centre.

You can park your car at the camp for free. If you bring a caravan, or if we run out of space outside, there is free parking across the street with plenty room for all.

The camp has double and twin rooms, and dorms up to five people. Each three rooms share a bathroom – apart from the bungalows, ‘The Duke’ and  'Captain Jack' which have their own.

Our average capacity is for 27 guests. We like to keep small numbers so that everyone has the best possible experience. The property itself has around 1000m2, so you have ample common areas and big spaces outside to relax. 

Your bed is all made up and waiting for you. So, unless you want to sleep outdoors (we won’t judge), there’s no need for sleeping bags. If you want to make some more luggage space, you can also rent bath and beach towels at the camp when you arrive (2€ a piece).

Yes, the camp is entirely covered with Wi-Fi that you can access anytime, for free.

Yes, all rooms have one locker per guest, and you will receive your padlock at check-in.

Sure! We have a barbecue and a spacious open kitchen with fridges and individual storage units where you can keep your groceries. You know what else is cool? You only need to cross the road to go shopping ;)

Yes, our laundry service costs 3€ per load.

Yes, all accommodation includes breakfast and free coffee & tea all day. We run it usually from 9h to 10h, except on early Surf days. And, yes, we can be flexible with the group after a barbeque night party. ;)

Apart from breakfast and organised meals, we prefer to offer the barbecue area and an open kitchen to keep it homely. You’ll even have your own storage unit for groceries.

Oh yes! Our guests love to mingle on our Bubbly Wednesdays BBQs with plenty of meat and veggie options. Just get your name on the list, so we have enough ‘sangria’ for everyone ;)

You have a big one across the road (Continente) with a drug store, café and ATM. And also Lidl, Aldi and Intermarche nearby. If you prefer local shops, you have plenty in and around the village, near the camp.

Heaps. The closest one is about just steps down the road, and within a couple of minutes you can pop downtown and find a great variety of restaurants, bistros, cafes and terraces.

Ericeira is full of life, especially during the sunny seasons. People on the street, lovely shops, an excellent variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, and even a Club open until 6 am in the Summer. So, you can either choose Activities with us, or check out What to Do in and around the village.

Most shops, restaurants and supermarkets accept debit and credit cards, and there are plenty of ATMs around. Just keep in mind that your bank may charge fees for international operations. Anyhow, is always good to bring some cash with you for extras or anything you may want when you’re on the move. Here’s a converter, if you want to work it out.

You can book some pretty cool activities with us, relax in the camp or explore Ericeira. If you’re still pumped, you can rent your gear for the rest of the day, pop by the skate park or go for a hike to explore beautiful beaches. If you prefer to relax, book a yoga class or a full body massage and enjoy some dolce fare niente on our sun-spots.

Ericeira has many cafes, esplanades and bars open until late. We traditionally have late dinners and long nights when it comes to partying. So, if you're not surfing in the morning after, you can go clubbing up to 6 am in the Summer.

Every week we post an album on our Facebook profile, that you can download, comment on or tag yourself. And we also partner with a local Professional Photographer that comes weekly for professional photos that you can buy directly.

The times depend on the sea conditions, which vary daily. So, every day we check the forecasts to choose the best timings. Throughout the week, you may have from early sessions to sunset surf. All lessons are two hours long at the beach and include gear, insurances and transfers.

All our packs include transfers to and from the beach, for all surf lessons. Apart from that, if you fancy exploring other beaches most are in a walking distance from Magikvanilla and there is a local Beach Bus that covers the coast that can take you to the further ones'.

Unless you’ve signed up for intermediate or advanced classes, you won’t need any experience. Just to be able to swim comfortably in the ocean, be eager to learn and keep a positive attitude. We have a lot of experience with beginners, and we’re stoked to share the first wave with you. Please read our Terms & Conditions before your first surf.

Unless you’re dying to get your gear out, you won’t need anything. Your lessons include everything from board & wetsuit to Personal & Public liability insurances. Off lessons, you can also rent gear to use all day.

Yes, and yes. You can have extra lessons in a group or individual coaching sessions. If you fancy flying solo, you can rent board & wetsuit and go free surfing at any beach you choose. Just remember to check conditions and ask your instructors for advice beforehand. Never go surfing on a beach outside your skill range.

Sure! If you’re ready for it, we couldn’t be more excited. Our Surf instructors are prepared to train champs and athletes. You can either book lessons during your week, or book a Green Waves pack – that includes one-on-one coaching, surf theory, technique and video analysis.

All of them are fully qualified instructors and lifesavers, credited by the International Surf Association (L2) and the Portuguese Surf Federation. Apart from their personal surfing experience all over the world, each one has thousands of sea-hours, in class, with all learning levels. Plus, we like to keep a ratio of five or fewer guests per instructor to guarantee a great experience for everyone. Regardless of your experience, they will be in the water with you, pushing you further and keeping you safe.

The chances are pretty narrow, but if it happens, you have nothing to worry about. Our surf instructors are first aid qualified; there is a complete first aid kit on the beachat all times, on camp and plenty pharmacies around. After that, if needed, there is a 24h Clinic less than 10 minutes away to assist you, regardless of nationality or insurance.