Code of conduct

At Magikvanilla we want you to have the time of your life. To ensure that, everyone must understand some ground rules, so everything goes smoothly. Please read the terms and conditions below, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Before you can take part in this programme you must read our Terms & Conditions below, complete a booking form and sign a term of responsibility. If you’re under 18 years of age, you must have your parents or guardians to sign it. Magikvanilla does not accept any liability for any loss caused by failure to complete the term of responsibility/enrolment form. 


Surfing carries a degree of risk to people and property, even if enjoyed under proper supervision. It requires a reasonable level of fitness and a minimum of 50 meters swimming ability.

When filling your booking form, you must notify us of any medical conditions, illnesses, disabilities, injuries or allergies you have, as well as any medication you are taking. For course participants under 18 years old, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to inform us.

During the training, you must agree to submit to all directives and decisions that your instructors make to secure a safe learning environment for yourself and all participants.

You must not participate in any surfing activities if you suffer from a heart condition, injury or illness that may affect your safety. And you must not be under the influence of any alcohol, illegal drugs or any medication that may affect your physical abilities during training.

Magikvanilla will provide all equipment required for your surf lessons, and take all reasonable measures to ensure its good condition. However, you are responsible for immediately reporting to us any damage caused to the equipment or which becomes apparent while the equipment is in your possession.

Magikvanilla does not seek to limit or exclude any liability for personal injury or loss of life which may occur as result of its own negligence or that of its employees. However, Magikvanilla assumes no liability in respect of any personal injury, loss, damage, consequential loss or third party claims caused by your negligence or of anyone of your group.

In the rare event that Magikvanilla considers the sea or weather conditions to be dangerous for practical surf instruction, we will choose your safety and cancel the surf session. In this eventuality, we will provide land based training and do everything in our power to reschedule the missing surf session. If this is not possible, we will issue a credit voucher that you can use until the end of the next season at Magikvanilla surf camp.


Our aim at Magikvanilla is to provide all our guests with the best possible experience, to make them feel at home and give them a sense of community. For this matter, an attitude of respect, companionship and care is fundamental. Magikvanilla staff are committed to always giving their best to ensure that every guest is enjoying their experience to the fullest. In the same way, all guests should be kind and respectful – towards themselves and others, property, equipment and environment.


Everyone staying at Magikvanilla, both staff and guests, should be kind and respectful towards themselves and others, property, equipment and to the environment.

We want you to feel comfortable at all times, as well as others after you. The rooms, common areas and surroundings should be kept clean and hygienic. Everyone is free to use the kitchen, appliances and utensils, and leave the area as they found it – washed, cleaned and put back in its place.

Each guest is responsible for their room/dorm during their occupancy and will be required to report any damages that may occur. In the case of damage or loss of property, the cost will be charged from the guest responsible for such damage or loss, if identified, or from all the occupants of that room/dorm if not identified.

We care deeply about the environment. The use of lights and water must be reasonable, and the rubbish should be separated into the different recycling bins at the hostel (glass; plastic and metal; paper and cardboard).

Smoking and consumption of narcotics are strictly prohibited within Magikvanilla's premises, as well as during Surf or SUP lessons. For safety reasons, instructors have the right to refuse to tutor anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The main house doors will be shut at 22h00. After that, staff and guests must use the keys they were given at check-in to enter. After 23h00 everyone should refrain from being loud or making noise inside the main house so that any guests that may be resting can do it peacefully.

Any wilful damage caused to our property or disregard for conduct rules is a motive for eviction or cancellation without refund. Magikvanilla has the right to invite guests to leave the property for unacceptable behaviour, such as: threatening and physical or verbal abuse; damage caused to people, property or equipment; any form of harassment; disruption of programme activities; or loud and disorderly conduct.


If you are going out to surf without an instructor, ask about the surf conditions first. If you want to go to a spot for the first time, get acquainted with its characteristics and any risks it may involve.

The ocean is to be enjoyed by everyone. If you're surfing along with locals or other tourists, show respect and you will get your fair share of waves. Attention and courtesy make the experience safer and fun for all.

Take a good look at the ocean before paddling out. Watch a couple of sets, assess the currents, and watch out for any critical areas like rocks or reef. Do not paddle out somewhere that is beyond your capability. That can put you and others in a dangerous position.

At sea, stay in control of your board and don't let go - especially in bigger surf. If you are on a board which is difficult to duck dive, hold on tight and 'turtle roll' to get under the foam. If by any reason you decide to let it go and swim under a wave, look around you to make sure no one gets hurt.

Do not paddle in front of someone riding a wave, unless you are way further down the line from them. If you find yourself in a position where you think another surfer may ride over you, paddle in the direction that they are coming from and not where they are going to. This makes it safer for all and you won't spoil anyone's wave.

Look both ways before taking off on a wave and make sure there are no swimmers nearby. If other surfers are around, keep in mind that the first to their feet closest to the breaking part of the wave has the right of way.

Taking off on a wave where someone is already in this position is a severe transgression in surfing. If you accidentally drop in, kick out immediately and apologise. It is not safe, and you may have possibly messed up someone’s wave.

At the beach:

Keep hydrated and wear sunscreen, even if you think it's not that hot. The water is reflective, making it a much more intense exposure to your skin. A sunburn can be quite a downer (and trust us; wetsuit tan marks don't look that great either. ;) 

Leave nothing but footprints at the beach. Take all your rubbish with you, and if you stumble across something that shouldn't be there, pick it up. You will find bins on your way out: yellow for plastic and metal; blue for paper and cardboard; and green for glass. If you don't find them, or if they are full, please take it back to the hostel where you will find rubbish and recycling bins.