We start the 2019 season with dedicated special weeks, on the first two we will explore the Portuguese coast, and the last week of the month we will have our 1st Green Wave Week of the season. May can be an awesome month if you want to enjoy slightly warmer weather and less crowded beaches.

Surf Road Trip

Portugal | May 6 - 20 2019
$1,630 Per Person
14 nights

Discover Portugal's best surf spots in a road trip along the coast.

Green Wave Week

Portugal | May 25 - 31 2019
$580 Per Person
6 nights

Take your surf skills to the next level.


Summer is on and we celebrate it. The month starts with a Music Festival in the Town between the 05th and 06th (more info at, on the 13th Lisbon celebrates it’s Patron Saint and hosts an amazing party, with parades, music and tons of street food. The weather is usually between 22º and 26º, the town gets busier and you can expect live music, and a lot of fun. The end of the month brings the Portuguese Surf Film Festival to the town where you can see the latest movies dedicated to the Surf Community and Lifestyle.


Portugal | November 2 - 9 2019

$513 Per Person

Experience the silver coast of Ericeira with a week of surfing, wellness, and relaxation at a secluded bungalow.


What an amazing month you have chosen, the sun is still shining and the weather is sweet, the town gets less crowded but still has that summer vibe. Between the 24th and the 29th, you will be able to see the pro surfers in Town at the EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira, an event part of the World Qualifying Series Tour.


As we approach the end of the season, you can still expect good Surf conditions and great weather, this is the month to come if you want to enjoy less crowded beaches. The Surf Competitions are back, and you can join one of our trips to watch live the pros. Peniche will be once more the stage of the world’s best surfers hosting The Rip Curl Pro Portugal from October 16th to 27th. On the Last week, just before we say “see you next Year” we have our Halloween Party to close the 2019 Surf Season with a bang.